Epic Away Travel is about planning an amazing getaway for you. It’s about comfort and adventure and relaxation and thrill. It’s about having someone else do the legwork and research for you so you can sit back and relax, knowing everything has been taken care of. It’s about using your hard earned dollars and free time to take a well earned break.

We’ll do the planning. You do the travel.

Your time is valuable. It takes a lot of research and organization to plan an amazing trip. Especially a bucket list adventure. We’ve partnered with Uniglobe Travel Company to offer our clients the very best deals from their extensive array of preferred suppliers.  They offer sweet deals on travel packages, custom travel options, group or solo travel plans, and incredible river and ocean cruise adventures for travelers of all stripes.  We’ll focus on you in order to plan a top notch experience with the best amenities for an adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Epic Away Travel is with you from beginning to end and even after you return. We are your travel advocate if you need assistance at any point in your trip.

Why am I different? 

I have a unique story.  I’ve been there done that and it was a scary leap of faith at first. See MY STORY.  I did something most people dream about doing.  Making dreams come true, starting with my own.  If you can do it for yourself first, you can do it for other people.  I have the motivation, the knowledge and the confidence to make things happen.  That’s what sets me apart.  I will go the extra mile to make it happen.  To turn your dream into reality.  Sometimes it’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s like a puzzle.  I’ll offer clear and constant communication to make sure I’m on track and building the best travel adventure possible.  Everyone gets the friends and family treatment.  My goal is 100% happy clients.

Traveling Smart

When I traveled to Spain in 1998 you didn’t need a ticket to visit the Sagrada Familia or the Alhambra.  Now, if you don’t plan in advance you won’t get in. Same thing at Stonehenge.  I know friends who have been stuck outside the Studio Ghibli Museum outside Tokyo, even though it was their number one destination, because they didn’t know to get their tickets months in advance. Another friend and her kids barely got in to tour the Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros Studio in London. They would have been devastated to miss it.  There’s so much to do when you’re traveling, but how can you find it all or know what to do?  It’s a lot of time and research.  I’ve started this venture so that I can help other people find these cool things, too!

An epic adventure awaits! What’s on your bucket list? I’m waiting to hear from you.

Check out my blog to see what I’ve done and where I’ve been in the past few years.  www.myadventureabroad.com